Hot Tubs On Patios – 10 Best Design Ideas

Where you install your hot tub can set the tone for your backyard.

One of the most classic options is to install hot tubs on patios. This provides a cost-effective foundation for your new hot tub while also creating a seamless appeal to your space.

When designing your perfect backyard, there are endless options to express your personal style and create your own escape from the world!

In this article, we’re going to explore the best patio hot tub design ideas, so you can elevate your backyard for year-round enjoyment!

In-Ground or Above-Ground Hot Tub Installation

Not only do hot tubs add year-round fun to your backyard, but they also provide a wide range of benefits that can support a healthier life!

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make after purchasing your hot tub will be where and how your hot tub will be installed.

This will have a significant impact on your backyard appeal and will depend on what your end goal is for your space.

Both in-ground and above-ground hot tubs on patio installations have pros and cons that should be considered before choosing which option is best for you.

In-Ground Hot Tubs On Patio

In-ground or recessed hot tubs on patio are a visually appealing option and can give your backyard a high-class feel.

Your hot tub will be lowered into a pre-dug hole in the ground for this installation, bringing its top in line with your patio.

This style will take a significant amount of planning, and may not be suitable for all yards, so it’s important to do your research before choosing this option.


In-Ground Hot Tubs – Pros: In-Ground Hot Tubs – Cons:
Visually appealing Expensive installation
High-end aesthetic Requires more space
Easier access Difficult to access and service
Eliminates the need for stairs Not suitable for all yards


If you have a raised patio, you can achieve this style by simply installing your hot tub beside it in a more shallow hole, allowing the top edge of your spa to align with the edge of your patio.

An illusion installation such as this would eliminate many of the downsides of an in-ground installation style while still providing the elegant, high-end appearance you desire.

Above-Ground Hot Tubs On Patio

Above-ground hot tubs on patio installations are a much more popular option.

Hot tubs that are installed above ground simply rest upon a solid foundation, making installation easy and cost-effective, especially if you have an existing patio.

This is a great way to create natural levels in your yard or to use your hot tub as a statement piece.


Above-Ground Hot Tubs – Pros: Above-Ground Hot Tubs – Cons:
Cost-effective Not as aesthetically pleasing
Can be added to your existing patio Requires spa stairs to get in and out
Easy to service
Can be moved
Quick and easy installation


Once you’ve decided how you’d like to install your hot tub, it’s time to begin designing your patio space!

The 10 Best Hot Tub Patio Design Ideas For 2022

Designing your dream space is possible with any budget and offers a unique way to express yourself while creating a backyard you’re excited to get back to at the end of each day.

If your dream is to have a private backyard retreat, gazebos or pergolas may be a great addition to your patio.

If you love to entertain and throw events that will leave people speechless, a high-end grill and firepit could be welcome additions to your space.

Whatever your style, there’s a way to create the backyard patio of your dreams!

1. Fire Pit

A fireplace can be a powerful addition to your yard if you want a way to create an escape that’s as appealing during the colder months as it is on warm summer nights.

It provides a natural gathering space during events and adds an exciting element for the kids as they roast marshmallows or dry up after playing with their friends in the hot tub.

If you have a smaller space with a more modern style, consider adding a Fire Pit Table, making it an appealing and effortless addition to your yard.

This would provide an easy way to add some ambiance to your evening spa sessions as you listen to the fire crackling and watch the light dancing around your yard.

If you have a bigger backyard and something more substantial appeals to you, consider building in a stone fire pit, adding a bold and rustic aesthetic.

2. BBQ Grills

If throwing memorable parties and entertaining your friends and loved ones is high on your list, a top-quality BBQ Grill would be a great feature to add to your backyard.

Grills come in all shapes and sizes and can be built into your existing patio, giving them a seamless look while making them a wow factor for anyone that visits you.

With tabletop designs like the Cal Flame P5 39” Grill, you can easily incorporate it into your existing patio, adding it to an outdoor island.

Or, add a standalone chef-style grill like the Fire Magic Aurora A830s Grill that includes both gas and charcoal grilling options, giving your flexibility during your cookouts!

3. A Gazebo

Gazebos can be used to add both privacy and comfort to your backyard while becoming a statement piece.

With various options, you can enclose your entire hot tub in a gazebo or have exposed portions, making access easy while providing optimum protection to your spa from the elements.

Add hanging plants to your gazebo for a pop of color, or include subtle string lights to add some ambiance to your space.

4. Dining Sets

Choosing a dining set to add to your patio can significantly impact your space’s aesthetic.

With patio sets that are designed to resemble wrought iron styles, you can achieve a sophisticated, classic style, making your guests feel like they’ve been transported to a high-class bistro.

If comfort, elegance, and easy cleanup are more your style, consider adding a glass tabletop patio set with cushioned chairs surrounding all sides!

5. Lattice or Trellis

Adding lattice or trellis sections around your spa can provide privacy while adding some elegance to your yard.

Include some climbing vines or flowering plants to increase privacy and create a living wall around your spa, giving it a wild and free aesthetic.

For a budget-friendly option that takes the work out of plants, buy some inexpensive strings of faux ivy to hang off the lattice to add a vibrant, fresh feel to your yard.

6. A Pergola

Pergolas can offer protection from prying eyes, as well as from the elements.

They can be a statement piece to your yard and paired with other items to create a unique experience that matches your style.

Add white flowing curtains on all sides to give it a resort-style appeal, or buy climbing ivy and aromatic plants like lavender to drape over the top.

7. Plants

Plants can have a powerful effect on your backyard aesthetic while also giving you a burst of energy and reducing your stress every time you step into your yard.

Add tall hedges to increase the privacy of your space, or plant some thick jasmine bushes, adding an element of seclusion and giving you the added benefits of aromatherapy when the flowers bloom.

If you want to feel like you’ve just stepped into the jungle, consider adding tall plants with big leaves and a dense growth pattern.

If your patio is made of dark stone, incorporate bright plants to stand out and add another layer of dimension to your space.

8. Outdoor Lights

How you light your space will determine where people’s attention is drawn when they walk into your yard after dark.

If you have a statement piece like a gazebo or pergola, add some hanging lights around its edges or create a backdrop of lights off one side.

If you want something a bit more bold, consider placing tall, classy lamp posts around your patio or lining any pathway you may have created in your yard.

9. Stone Pathways

Stones add a natural element to your backyard and can be an elegant addition to your space.

If your hot tub is not directly beside your patio, consider creating a pathway to it.

This will allow you to draw attention to your spa when someone first walks into your backyard.

Stone pathways will also create a high-end feel to your backyard and make it look larger simply by adding some separation throughout the space.

10. Outdoor Bar

If entertainment value is important to you, including a bar can add substantial excitement when hosting.

Consider having your bar attached to your hot tub or bar seating surrounding it to create spaces for people to gather during parties.

Consider creating a bar that boasts a “built-in” feel by using the same materials used in your existing patio.

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